DON’T Buy Uncharted 3 Tournament Tickets

Like many, I returned to Uncharted 3’s multiplayer after update 1.13 introduced a slew of fresh content – something almost unheard of for a game that launched eight months ago. The highlight of these additions is a new ‘Tournament’ mode, which allows players to gamble their ten allotted tickets each week. Players then have the option of buying more tickets from the PlayStation store – something I find it highly inadvisable, as it’s one of the most despicable DLC ploys in recent memory.

Allow me to elaborate. When you apply one of your tickets to a match, your gambling it away in hopes of either winning and subsequently earning points, or losing and earning absolutely nothing. These points go to¬† three ‘Tiers’ of prizes:

To unlock the bronze tiered items, you’ll need to accumulate 8500 tournament points. For silver it’s 13,500 and gold, 18,500 – all of which unlock some pretty neat prizes.

But here’s where it gets weird:

The second paragraph clearly stipulates that “you will unlock the items in that tier throughout the next tournament week.” IGN validated this further in a preview of 1.13 by saying, “Players who earn one of these three distinctions are awarded in-game items (costume pieces for bragging rights) or weapons (skinned weapons with mod slots) to use for next week’s tournament.”

In essence, players who opt to buy Tournament Tickets beyond the provided ten, are being charged for what will only be temporary content. The only payoff I’m seeing is the Djinn skin – that outfit at the bottom of your character appearance tab. It’s unlocked by reaching Gold Tier six times. Now, let’s think about that for a second.

I’ve used up my ten tickets already and have accumulated the following amount of points:

9203 points – that nets me Bronze tiered rewards for next week, but I’m not even close to Gold Tier. Just about half way, actually. So, common sense will tell us that I’ll need another ten tickets to get myself enough points to reach Gold. At this point I have no interest in pursuing tickets or prize tiers any longer, but what of other gamers who wish to continue and achieve Gold Tier 6 times to unlock the Djinn skin?

It’s a simple equation really. Let’s say a player decided to buy an additional 10 tickets (the smallest available bundle on the PlayStation store) each week, for six weeks. That’s $1.99 x 6 weeks, which comes out to just under $12, excluding tax.

The probability of reaching Gold Tier with the free ten tickets is unlikely for the vast majority of players, especially when point values deteriorate when you’re in a party with friends.

So what we have here is paid content that nets you temporary items with the exception of one skin – an in-game outfit that costs $12, but isn’t available for at least six tournament weeks.

How could this be even remotely justifiable?

20 thoughts on “DON’T Buy Uncharted 3 Tournament Tickets

  1. Sad that naughty dog has done this…one of my favorite developers. I figured it out pretty quickly but didn’t know this. Now this gets worse….there is $50 dollars worth of additional content coming out and it doesn’t matter if you bought fortune hunters pass, everyone has to pay if you want all the costume pieces and taunts. Now I played $107 for the special edition of Uncharted 3 and an additional $25 for dlc pass, and cannot justify spending an additional 50 for stuff that should be free. I know these guys have to make money but this is the kind of stuff I expect from the “other” console. If the game didn’t sell enough take it out on Sony for their continued arrogance and lack of marketing (which is disappointing and mind boggling) not your loyal fans.

    • I could not agree more with you on this. It’s being nickel and dimed at it’s worst. I can’t believe developers are wondering why their revenue are falling while the free game (cell phone) business is booming. ND was ahead of it’s time and one of the best gaming companies out there… Sony buys them out and BAM! there goes the quality and loyalty we used to have. So sad to see this happening.

  2. Uncharted multiplayer was always stupid and tacked-on to begin with (good single player games don’t need crappy multiplayer like this). Making it a rip-off is just crossing the line even further and for a game being vastly inferior to its prequel I say one thing: GFY Sony!

  3. To call Uncharted 3 multiplayer tacked on is stupid.

    It is an amazing game which millions play, the team is big enough to give a good SP and MP experience.

    The MP was fine a week ago and has been supported for 10 months well – no one is forcing you to buy extra tokens to earn a skin or stupid hat – if ND earns some more money off die hard fans then good for them.

  4. I think you have misunderstood this.

    You get 10 free tickets a week yes, which gets you bronze access(if you spend them).

    If you do not spend your 10 however next week you can have twenty tickets. Tournament points do not stack, tickets do(meaning you can enter gold tier on free tickets, it just takes longer). Also the items you unlock are yours forever after you get them, they are however only available via the tournament tiers in that week. The items change each week, but if you win them you do not lose them in the following weeks.

    Another thing is you try to make it out as if you can only win ONE skin, that is not the case at all there are multiple things in each tier. Adding to this further is that taking part in the tournament is the fun part, winning items is a bonus. You don’t gain points and instantly win, you have to actually take part in matches of said tier to have a chance at winning. A real tournament system.

    You really should look into it more before making a post that pretty much in your eyes is almost a scam.

    • This is completly wrong!

      1. You can’t stack free Tickets. If you don’t use them during a tournament, they will be gone. Only the tickets you buy will be available in future tournaments.

      2 + 3. The items wont be unlocked forever, only during the next tournament / week. There wont be new items in the next week.

      4. “…taking part in the tournament is the fun part…” Well, The games/matches are completly the same, I don’t understand the extra fun part compared to normal matches.

  5. You are wrong.

    Tournament points do not carry each week tickets however do.

    If you do not spend your 10 tickets, next week you will have 20. So you can access gold tier with free tickets, it just takes longer.

    The prizes for each tier also change each week however, if you win a tier you get the items forever. Others will not be able to get these unless they re appear as prizes at a later date.

    So you do not pay for anything that is temporary at all.

    Adding to this, the prizes are just a bonus. The fun part is gaining access to actual tournaments that you must win to actually get the items. So if you choose to buy tickets you are paying to make it easier for yourself to gain access into the tournaments.

    You really should think things through before posting as if it’s a scam.

  6. You’re wrong on a number of levels – precisely why I wrote this. Let me illuminate a few things for you. 1 – you do NOT keep rewards offered by tiers. You simply don’t. Read the text in the second image AND IGN 1.13 preview. And number 2. points don’t stack each week, correct. I never said they did. But guess what, neither do tickets if you didn’t pay for them. If you paid for tickets, they’ll stack – but for those who opted not to, they’ll never go over ten.

  7. terrible scam in a terrible game. uncharted is one of the worst series of games I have seen. It may have rabid fans but it’s still crap.

  8. I wish that players can win points regardless of winning or losing. Other than that, I have no problem with this. I managed to get Gold Tier using only 8 tickets, so I don’t need to spend any money.

  9. I wish I would have read this before I bought 200 Tickets… The only reason I bought 200 was because it is plenty more than enough for me to get that skeleton. I cannot believe that we do not get to keep the items! I got gold tier and all the items that came with it, but now that the week is over I lost ALL of it. They should have been more clear about this is the tournament description! There will be changes in the next update about the tournament… I don’t know what it is about, but it better to to keep items. If not, I just wasted 25$ on worthless crap. I also hate how they added all the guns and skins into the store… What ever happened to earning it by collecting treasures?

  10. I’m not sure whether or not the prizes are forever or just for the following tournament week. But you can get into Gold tier with just ten tickets, it all depends on how well you do. I finally decided to try and get a tournament placing this past week and figured that if your team wins and you get about 13-15 kills you get roughly 2,000 points per match. I almost got Gold with my tickets but fell through on a couple bad rounds where my team lost and I ended up with a couple hundred points, I was only about 1,000 points away so I decided to buy some tickets and finish it. Hopefully my prizes don’t go away after this week, but I’ve been checking the prizes for a while and they change almost every week, I think it’s unlikely that they’ll be gone.

  11. You can find tickets in competitive modes via treasure hunter booster .I’ve found plenty of tickets to get me platinum ranking it’s not a rip off and its not as hard as some people make it out to be

  12. How I do it, I just go for gold and if I have a good game, I get 3000 points out of one ticket. If I don’t reach gold or platinum, then I just say, “Who cares” and just move on without purchasing more tickets.

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